Since off-premise catering is so varied by nature, each event is custom designed to accommodate several factors including but not limited to: theme and duration of the event, your personal tastes, menu and service, and available facilities at the specified location. Below are our menus - always custom designed. We focus on fresh, local, and organic ingredients. Don’t hesitate to contact me with special requests for raw, low fat, vegetarian, Asian, or anything you might have been told is out of the ordinary or out of the question. We are epicurean adventurers, and we constantly update and add to our extensive menu options.


Policies for Events

Need help serving? Staff quoted upon request & subject to availability.

The fine print …

Some items are not available for very large functions.

Minimum orde for events: 10 people.

Some food selections require a minimum number of pieces to be ordered.

Prices vary according to market price and availability.

We reserve the right to make substitutions for a better product or if a product is brought to us in unacceptable condition.

Delivery charges are based upon proximity to Little Pond kitchen.

All orders are requested by noon of the day prior, or subject to availability.

Cancellations are accepted until noon of the day prior or upon discretion of the kitchen.

Orders are subject to 6.5% North Carolina sales tax unless a tax-exempt certificate is provided.

Every effort will be made to accommodate last minute changes & cancellations, with a possible surcharge assessed.

10% or $500 non-refundable deposit required on date of booking to reserve event date.

For pricing please call for a proposal.

There are many varying components that make up the catering cost in addition to the food. At a minimum they include the service staff ratio, the length of the reception, the quality and quantity of rental equipment needed and the amount of beverages needed. Cost for food, service staff, equipment rental, non-alcoholic beverages and delivery for most weddings for about 100 guests fall into the following ranges:

Tea or Light Receptions
$55–90 per person

Buffet Brunch
$60–100 per person

Cocktail Receptions
$65–120 per person

Buffet Luncheons
$95–160 per person

Seated Luncheons
$95–160 per person

Buffet Dinners
$100–180 per person

Seated Dinners
$100–180 per person